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Generally I don't advertise my dogs much as i have so many people contacting me from word of mouth and who go on my waiting list. If you are looking for a dog or puppy please get in touch with me and I will let you know what I have available at the time.

HandOfGod   Castro

Ready soon



bred for ideal Conformation.

working Obedience

Loyal family dogs

male and Females


HandofGod 'ANGELA'



we have a few reserves on angels pups already.

blacks / some sables

Mains Pedigree registration


Look out for our latest listings online to find your dream shepherd today! If we have a litter available for adoption please contact us or look for our listings @ Dogzonline, DogsQLD, Gumtree and the Tradingpost




3 1/2 year old Entire Male

Pure Black

Mains Register

Working Bloodline

Personal Protection Dog





2 1/2 year old Entire Female

Pure Black

Mains Register

Extreme Good Nature

High Intelligence


Please contact us for more information, or to find out about any of our current and future litters 

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