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As a young soldier in the Belgium army, I had the role on the front line of action.  

After some stressful events I was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

I had a difficult time dealing with people and, as a consequence I was given a new position with the army.  I became a dog trainer; assistant kennel manager.  I really enjoyed my new job, and found relating to animals came naturally to me. I learned to train German Shepherds and Belgium Shepherds to the high standards of the military. I was training patrol dogs, detection dogs, search & rescue K9; even the generals own dog was raised under my direction! I took to it like a duck to water, and kept training dogs after I left the army.  I tried my hand on the breeds that are suitable for personal protection. I owned Rottweillers, Dobermans, Neopolitan Mastifs, Dogue de Bordeau, Belgium Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds and German Shepherds. 

From experience, I learnt that the Belgium shepherd (Malinois), and the German shepherds are the most suitable breeds for personal protection.  While the Belgium shepherd is probably the best breed for the professional, they are not easy to handle for the average dog handler / owner.

The German shepherd became the one and only breed representing all of the qualities needed for the ultimate family dog and home protector.

When I migrated to Australia in 1999, I missed my dogs. I felt unsettled, and unsafe without my trusted faithful friends. I became a member of Dogs QLD, and started to research what sort of German Shepherds and bloodlines were available in Australia.

For the last 17 years I have been selectively breeding the German Shepherd with the qualities I am looking for. After the first 10 years focusing on training patrol dogs for the private security industry, and enjoying the training aspect of my hobby; I decided that I did not so much enjoy the introduction process. Getting older and more mellow, I did not fit in with the hard macho man of the security industry, and so I decided to change track. I came to realise that its better to teach the owners, than to teach the dogs.

I chose to breed the best dogs for families. Shepherds are well balanced, trustworthy, and gentle with kids, but still protective enough to warn and guard their families from unwanted guests. I find it greatly rewarding to introduce a gentle giant friend to families. A friend that would be kind to the family, but still retaining the qualities of a protector. Its now my goal to establish the ultimate family protector that is smart and gentle, well built, beautiful and protective of property & families.

To achieve and breed this sort of dog, we have mixed some of the best bloodlines in Australia, and the world. If, for example, a particular dog is a bit too hard / only suitable for professional patrol dogs or crowd control; we mixed in a more gentle, softer bloodline. I have been selectively mixing bloodlines for many years now to achieve the balanced dog I would like to introduce as the family Shepherd.

I have come to know dogs very well, and consider myself an expert trainer and handler. By keeping the best pup of every litter and then combining it with the best pup of another line, I have created many extremely balanced and unique German Shepherds. This process has been repeated over many generations, and I finally achieved my ultimate family GSD in 2009. I then requested my own kennel prefix with the Australian National Kennel Council (CCCQ) and “Hand of God” Shepherds was born. It’s the result of 40 years of dedication to dog training and breeding.

My dogs are my one and only hobby. The sale of my pups pays for all their food, vet bills and overall care of the dogs; rather than making profit. Investing in your pets is something that I recommend to every animal lover, because they really give back so much more than we can even imagine.

I have great pride and satisfaction when I deliver one of my ultimate Shepherds to a family, knowing I am passing over to them the gift of a healthy, balanced friend; an asset who will bring years of joy and security to their home.

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