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My Ultimate German Shepherd

Every member of the dog breeding associations is bound by a charter, and are all committed to improving the breed. However, we all have different ideas and opinions of what is the best German Shepherd. Some breeders aim to produce big dogs, some like to achieve certain colours, certain body shape, very civil dogs, defence dogs, etc.

I have a different view. I believe that it does not matter much whether the dog is black or sable coat, 60 kilos, or 30 kilos.  What matters most of all is the personality and character.  The ultimate German Shepherd Dog has to be:

  1. Smart

  2. Well Balanced

  3. Willing to Please

  4. A little aloof

  5. Possess Strong nerves

  6. Have a good prey drive

  7. Have a protective nature

  8. Be respectful and pleasant

Of course the dog has to be physically within the breed standard, and free from hereditary disease; this is only a basic requirement.  We expect more than just a good looking dog.  We also want a good performing dog.  A dog that is suitable for life as a family dog is different than a dog selected for offensive war applications or security patrols.

The Foundation Bloodlines

All of our German Shepherds carry the “Hand of God” family name and Prefix.  “Hand of God” Shepherds were based on other bloodlines.  (In Australia and imported from around the world). For the people that are interested in these matters, I have added here a list of some of the dogs who formed the foundation of how “Hand of God” dogs came into existence.

Fox Vom Grensganger she HIII (Imp Due)

Von Forell Erger

Yultzen Adult

Yultzen Brito

Yultzen Rebecca

Gagarim Von Bad Boll (imp Deu)

Tannalone Abbey Road

Fox Van Euston (imp SGP)

Como Vom Bonauer Walt (deu)

Iclas Von Haus Sevens (Imp Belg)

Elhe Von Haus Sevens (Belgium)

Alpine Base INDIGO (IID)

XAMN Von Oxemburg (Belg)

Tai-Pan Kai (Import NZ)

Alpha Force Afro

Peco Vom Schld-Richt Hoff   (Imp Deu)

Bare Von Kretschacer (Ger)

Gradaleus Ida (Imp Sweden)

Recuta Alic

...Many more champions...

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