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World Quality Purebred German Shepherds

We have specialised to breeding the Ultimate Family German Shepherd Dogs. With a combination of world leading pedigree bloodlines, protection and service dogs and over 40 years experience; we are proud to introduce one of our stunning puppies to your family!


National Kennel Council

 Registered  Breeder 

Member of CCCQ Dogs Queensland  #4100182644


We regularly test our breeding dogs DNA for all of the known genetic markers associated with breed health abnormalities. Our puppies are examined and cleared by an experienced Vet before being placed with their new families and come with a full veterinary history



We only use world standard FDX-B Mini Microchips in all our dogs to ensure safe, accurate, permanent worldwide Identification



With some of the best quarantine systems in Australia, all our dogs and puppies are Vaccinated by protocol with the leading researched vaccine available



We have a loving team of dedicated dog lovers who tend to our dogs and prepare all our pups before they go out into the world.

Its important for maintenance to brush your German Shepherd everyday to keep a healthy coat


Scheduled parasite protocol means all our pups are guaranteed to be free from all external and internal parasites when they come home with you. We use vet standard products, with an emphasis on harm reduction and preventive minimization



All of our breeding dogs are professionally x-rayed and tested for Hip and Elbow displacia under the nationally recognised guidelines of the German Shepherd Dog Council



Our kennels are a modern design that exceeds all of the requirements under the Companion Animals Act, and the guidelines of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


100% Guarantee

We back our puppies 100%.  No puppy leaves our home before being very thoroughly checked over by a fully qualified Veterinarian.  Every pup receives individual attention and handling, are wormed bi-weekly until 12 weeks, vaccinated (C3), and are issued their own puppy passport & health certificate.  (Also Fit-to-fly certificates where applicable).

The pups only leave when they are properly weaned and are 100% healthy.  On top of that, we give an extended health warranty of 10 days, so if anything does happen to your new puppy during the first 10 days, with his/her new owners, we will cover any reasonable vet bill or swap the pup with a brother or sister, and take on the recovery care ourselves.


We believe every dog deserves to live a free life, and have our own K9 adoption program to help adult dogs find loving forever homes. If your circumstances change, and you ever need to rehome your pup, we are also available to help you find a new and suitable home for your friend


A pup will be a close member of your family for more than a decade.  When a pup grows up in your family, you get attached to the dog no matter what.  The price difference between a guaranteed pedigree dog from a reputable breeder; and a non pedigree back yard dog is less than $2 per week, and even that could be false economics, as the non pedigree dog could develop unforeseen health problems.

It is a common misconception that pedigree dogs are weaker and more prone to disease. This might have been true many decades ago, when the gene pool was small; but these days we have imported many hundreds of champion dogs from all over the world. By buying pedigree, you support the ethical and responsible breeding of dogs, and can rest easy knowing your pup has a documented history of all its champion predecessors. Purchasing a non-pedigree puppy, you can't guarantee that the dog you are getting is going to be any sort of quality, or wether the establishment it comes from is reputable, or worse,  you could be supporting a puppy farm! Always do your research and help promote the positive future of dog breeding in Australia.

There are 2 sorts of pedigrees:

Main Register: Only for the best of the best dogs.  These can breed and the offspring can be registered. Can be exported.

Limited Register: Often issued when the breeder wants to protect his bloodline from others breeding and registering the pups. Still a genuine Pedigree dog.  Not for exportation.

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